The KrosschecK Leverage Testing Device (KLTD) offers a way to evaluate the health & soundness of soft tissue & joint surfaces in & around the coffin joint.

What does it do?

The dial on the bottom of the KLTD allows you to challenge the joint in 8 different locations and easily evaluate the comfort or discomfort of soft tissue primarily, but also the joint surface in some instances. Radiographs, MRI, and Ultrasound are great tools for seeing the details of most lesions, tears, breaks, or abnormalities of a particular structure in the foot or limb. However, what they can't do is show pain. The KLTD is a complimentary tool that fills that void in the diagnostic workflow without the need to do more extensive injections or blocks. From a farrier’s standpoint where diagnosing lameness is not their job, the ability to test the lower limb to help sort out what can be applied to the foot to PROVIDE COMFORT and set the horse up to heal is a job the KLTD can help farriers achieve.

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